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Students' Stress Affects Learning: 3 Things You Need To Know

Understanding and addressing the everyday stressors students face is not just a compassionate endeavor but a fundamental step toward creating a conducive learning environment.


#1 Common Stressors of Students

  • Academic pressures, competitive nature, and personal challenges contribute to student stress.
  • Family dynamics, financial constraints, societal expectations, and trauma exposure also play a role.
  • Digital age's constant connectivity adds to the overwhelming feeling. 


#2 Reasons Why Stress Affects Effective Learning

  • Stress alters cognitive and emotional landscapes, impacting learning.
  • Symptoms like PTSD, anxiety, and depression lead to lower cognitive functioning and academic issues.
  • Classroom management consumes valuable learning time.   


Classroom Management Takes Up Learning Time

Did you know that, on average, 40 minutes per day are devoted to classroom management? 

While managing a classroom is an indispensable aspect of...

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[RESOURCE] A Song for Peace


Looking for songs about important life skills to play in your classroom? Download a song about PEACE from the GW album above. If your school is enrolled in the Generation Wellness Toolkit, click LOGIN and access all 12 songs now.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Generation Wellness Summer Trainings are Booking Quickly!


Do you believe in creating a positive school climate, educating the whole child, and implementing cutting-edge discipline practices that decrease behavior referrals?

If your answer is yes, then we invite you to join over 100,000 educators who've experienced the Generation Wellness Training! You can host a private training at your school or email us if you're interested in hosting a "public training" for significant savings.

This fun, interactive one or two day training provides the blueprint for creating a trauma-informed school with practical tools that build self-regulation, connection, and focus, so that all students and staff have the opportunity to thrive. 

Curious to hear what other principals, teachers, school counselors, and support staff are saying about the training? Watch the video above.

We look forward to seeing you at a one or two day training soon!

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Head Start Offers Resources for Staff + Family Wellness


We are excited to announce our partnership with Head Start California, Florida, and Kansas to provide strategies and activities for family and staff wellness. Organizations can use ARPA funding to purchase the toolkits and currently they are 20% - 50% off . Give your families and staff the support they need to build resilience and increase overall well-being through on-demand videos and resources.

Click HERE to learn more about the Family Wellness Toolkit. Click the picture of Workplace Wellness Toolkit on this page to learn more about the Workplace Wellness Toolkit. Let us know if you have any questions at [email protected]. 

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[RESOURCE] How to Implement the Regulate, Connect, Reflect Framework in PK-12 Classrooms


Would you like to learn more about our Regulate, Connect, Reflect Framework and/or how to navigate through these activities in the Generation Wellness Toolkit?

Click play to watch a portion of the latest webinar. If you'd like to watch the entire virtual event, login to your the app at

If your school or district hasn't purchased the app yet and are interested in providing this resource for your entire staff, email [email protected].


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[STAFF SPOTLIGHT] How to Create a Mindfulness-Focused English Class at an Alternative High School with Rebecca Wenrich


Rebecca Wenrich is an English Teacher at an Alternative High School who created a class focused on learning and practicing mindfulness in 2022.

In this episode of the GW Spotlight, Rebecca shares her insights about developing this class in hopes to inspire you and your school to implement simple tools for less stress and more success. Click play to watch the video which highlights:

  • Why this class was created
  • How this class was planned and launched in less than one month
  • What Rebecca experienced in the first few weeks of the class
  • The hardest part of creating/facilitating this class
  • The highlight of creating/facilitating this class

With all of the uncertainty and constant change over the last few years, focusing on learning and practicing mindfulness and wellness in all PK-12 classes is needed more than ever. Rebecca shows us that this is possible at all levels, all subjects, everywhere.

Thank you for your...

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[PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT] Motivational Messages in the Generation Wellness App


Do you desire to teach life skills, but don't have the time or energy to come up with quick lessons on the go that create impact?

The On-Demand Motivational Messages in the Generation Wellness App make teaching life skills simple with the click of a button. How? Here is more info about this online product:

What: An online resource for teaching essential life skills to 2nd - 12th grade students through quick, engaging, on-demand videos.

Who is this for: Educators who would like to teach social/emotional learning consistently.

Why are these videos important: Maximize learning through engaging, relatable content that's aligned to CASEL Standards. 

Example Video: Click play on the video above (there are 20+ more videos like this inside the app).

How can I use these videos:

  • Advisory
  • School Counselor Lessons
  • Journal Prompts
  • Before Lunch Exit Ticket
  • Happy Friday Activity

What are other educators saying about the videos: 

How can I...

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[STUDENT SPOTLIGHT] I Like Writing Gratitude Notes


Gratitude is thanking people with what you have. 

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Generation Wellness Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts to Give Your Favorite Educator

The holidays are here and you may be wondering what to give your favorite educator. We've got you covered with 11 of our favorite gifts:

1. Teach Peace T-Shirt
Give your favorite educator the gift of a new shirt with an inspiring message. This Teach Peace shirt is a great reminder of how important it is to teach social/emotional skills and mindfulness. Some schools encourage their entire staff to where these shirts on various days of the week to build positive school culture. This shirt is sure to bring a smile to their face!

Unisex T-Shirt Color: Dark Gray Fit: True to size Adult Sizes S-3X

2. You Make A Difference Post Cards (set of 50)
One of the best gifts is a meaningful letter of gratitude. Give the gift that keeps on giving with these 50 postcards. Write a letter of gratitude to your favorite educator and give them the remaining 49 postcards...

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[STAFF SPOTLIGHT] WOOP Goals Provide Connection + Consistency with Julie Bruey


Julie Bruey is a High School English Teacher who values learning her learners and teaching important life skills. In this episode of the GW Spotlight, Julie shares her insights about creating connection and consistency through WOOP Goals. Push play to learn:

  • The definition of WOOP Goals
  • How to teach intentions and goal-setting
  • Why the WOOP Goal routine matters
  • How students and staff respond to this weekly practice
  • Ideas for creating your WOOP Goal practice
  • The #1 result from consistently teaching/practicing WOOP Goals

With all of the uncertainty and constant change over the last year, consistent routines are needed more than ever. As you will see from watching this video, Julie shows us that these routines don't take much time, but creates massive positive impact. Thank you for your dedication to staff wellness, Julie! You are a true Wellness Warrior!

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