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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Head Start Offers Resources for Staff + Family Wellness


We are excited to announce our partnership with Head Start California, Florida, and Kansas to provide strategies and activities for family and staff wellness. Organizations can use ARPA funding to purchase the toolkits and currently they are 20% - 50% off . Give your families and staff the support they need to build resilience and increase overall well-being through on-demand videos and resources.

Click HERE to learn more about the Family Wellness Toolkit. Click the picture of Workplace Wellness Toolkit on this page to learn more about the Workplace Wellness Toolkit. Let us know if you have any questions at [email protected]. 

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[RESOURCE] How to Implement the Regulate, Connect, Reflect Framework in PK-12 Classrooms


Would you like to learn more about our Regulate, Connect, Reflect Framework and/or how to navigate through these activities in the Generation Wellness Toolkit?

Click play to watch a portion of the latest webinar. If you'd like to watch the entire virtual event, login to your the app at

If your school or district hasn't purchased the app yet and are interested in providing this resource for your entire staff, email [email protected].


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[STAFF SPOTLIGHT] An Engaging System that Includes the Pedagogy of Whole Child and Staff Wellness with Maura Toohey

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[STAFF SPOTLIGHT] Tumwater School District: Staying Well During A Pandemic


While all of us are familiar with the recommendations to stay physically healthy - wash your hands, cover your cough, practice social distancing, sanitize high-touch areas - Tumwater School District quickly realized that we also need to tend to the social/emotional health needs of our staff, students and their families. Being hurled into completely unknown territory - some dealing with the stresses of a lost job, sick loved ones, anxiety, and more - Tumwater School District quickly partnered with Lyndsay Morris, Founder of Generation Wellness and BHHS alumni, to address these important aspects.

TSD has committed to staff, student and community wellness by utilizing a phase-in system to provide ongoing resources, utilizing grant funds, as they endure the challenges of the pandemic:

Phase 1: Staff Wellness 

Learn more about the Workplace Wellness Academy here.

Phase 2: Family Wellness

Learn more about the Family Wellness Toolkit here.

Phase 3: School...

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Staff Kick Off the School Year with Emotional Wellness


We would like to thank the 2,500 educators and all of the schools and organizations we had the opportunity of working with in August 2021. We know that this school year is different and we hope that you left our trainings feeling inspired and equipped with simple tools for a resilient school year. Thank you for everything you do!

Educators are the super heroes of our country and we know that you will always find a way to rise no matter the circumstances. This video provides a snippet of the back to school professional development virtual events. Keep shining!

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District-Wide Wellness Plan for Fall 2020

Wellness is the foundation for learning and thriving. During Covid-19, many students, staff, and families have experienced stress, grief, and trauma. What is your school doing to intentionally address wellness and social/emotional learning? School districts need a strategy and online resources for staff, student, and community wellness. Generation Wellness has partnered with government agencies and school districts around the country to provide support in three phrases: 

  • Phase 1: Staff Wellness: All district staff will have access to Workplace Wellness Academy (online course).
  • Phase 2: Family Wellness: All families with students enrolled in the district will have access to the Family Wellness Toolkit which includes morning messages, social/emotional mini-videos, audio relaxations, daily routines, and more.
  • Phase 3: Start the school year with safety, connection, reflection, and tools: Every staff member will experience a live virtual PD at the beginning of the school year...
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