[STAFF SPOTLIGHT] How to Teach SEL in Music + PE with the Generation Wellness Toolkit

generation wellness toolkit sel spotlight staff

Julie Whalen, a music teacher, and John Zapanta, a PE teacher from Northeast Tacoma Elementary use the Generation Wellness Toolkit in their classrooms.

In this episode of the Generation Wellness Spotlight, Julie and John shares the importance of nurturing wellness from an early age, highlighting the necessity of integrating wellness practices into elementary education. They emphasize the significance of equipping students with tools for emotional regulation and teamwork skills. Click play to watch the video above which highlights:

  • They emphasize the toolkit's user-friendly interface and diverse resources, making it accessible and engaging for students from kindergarten to fifth grade.
  • How breathing exercises and collaborative activities help students develop essential skills such as emotional regulation, independence, and teamwork, laying the foundation for a healthier future.

Julie Whalen and John Zapanta exemplify the power of collaboration and dedication in nurturing wellness within elementary education. They highlight the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and ongoing learning in promoting student well-being using the Generation Wellness Toolkit.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Julie and John for your invaluable contributions to student well-being!


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