Regulation Station E-Book

De-stress your classroom with an all-in-one resource that provides everything you need to create a self-regulation space for all students.


Teachers, School Counselors + Principals, raise your hand if you’re tired of:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of time you spend "managing behavior".

  • Being unsure about how to really help students navigate big emotions with ease.

  • Wasting hundreds of hours searching Pinterest for the perfect self-regulation lesson plan or innovative intervention... and always coming up empty.

  • Struggling to reach students who display symptoms of stress/trauma — and no matter what you do, you aren't feeling successful.

These problems are incredibly common. You are SO not alone!

The good news? Teaching self-regulation and creating a safe place for students to self-regulate doesn’t have be this stressful, overwhelming, or time-consuming.

The Regulation Station Kit was created to help you quickly set-up a system based on the latest research in neuroscience and trauma. Skip the guesswork and...

Start Creating Your Regulation Station Now!

Get the complete Educator Guide detailing exactly how to create a Regulation Station, filled with 42 pages of simple instructions, supply checklists, and example success stories.

Introduce the Regulation Station to your students with ease! This introductory book explains what self-regulation means, why it matters, and many different positive coping strategies.

Set your students up for success by adding this book of coping strategies to your Regulation Station. Students will never "forget" strategies with these cards. 

The Regulation Station E-Book was designed to create less stress and more success in K-12 classrooms!

Hi! I’m Lyndsay Morris, the founder of Generation Wellness and creator of the Regulation Station Kit.

With over a decade of teaching and school counseling experience, I've witnessed just how much stress and trauma drastically impact our students.

Children and teens are more stressed than ever and self-regulation must be taught and practiced in order for learning and retention to take place.

This kit was created because I couldn't find a resource on the market that included all of the important pieces needed to introduce, teach, and practice self-regulation.

Creating a space for self-regulation in your setting should be simple and fun, without taking 50+ hours of time. Now that's possible with the Regulation Station Kit!

Create Calm in Your K-12 Classrooms with this PDF Download



- You will receive individual access to the Regulation Station E-Book (PDF Download) 

- Complete checklist of everything you need to get started

- Pre-made cards to create a book that introduces self-regulations to your students

- Pre-made cards to create a "Coping Strategies", so students are reminded of positive choices

- Examples from an elementary school counselor + a middle school health teacher




- You will receive group access (up to 100 people) to the Regulation Station E-Book (PDF Download)

- Everything included in individual option


Self-regulation happens when we provide the space for it.

"I have noticed a huge difference in student and staff behavior since setting up my Regulation Station." - Trudy Schug, Behavior Interventionist


  • Affordability - You want an affordable option for classroom management ideas and trauma-informed practices
  • Saving Time - Skip recreating the wheel + follow a blueprint that's working for thousands of educators
  • Virtual Downloads - You love having virtual access to your resources and the ability to download straight from your computer at any time 

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