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Jill Vandemoortele Testimonial

"I feel like this is the missing link in education. I can now teach my students activities that will last a lifetime." 

-Shelby Wedekine, 3rd Grade Teacher

Hear What Educators Are Saying

"In 25+ years in education, this is by far the best workshop I've ever attended." 

-Dan Windisch, University Professor

A Recent Article from Tumwater School District

Tumwater School District Article

"I appreciate all of the ways the Generation Wellness Toolkit can be used and how each activity can be modified to the amount of time available." 

-Tina Casperson

Laurie Rocconi
Martha Arnerson
Rebecca Wenrich

What Organizations are Saying:


50% Decrease in Behavior Referrals

"I think every school district employee should have to take this course. Workplace Wellness Academy is amazing!

-Lorri Healy, CTE Program Tech/Admin


Featured in Thurston Talk

Lyndsay Morris, a former teacher and school counselor has taught educators all over the US how to increase compassion, focus and wellness in their classrooms. Now the Black Hills High School graduate is bringing her course home to Olympia on December 2 at Black Lake Elementary School.

Lyndsay Morris

"Every single part of the training was fantastic! I loved it so much! All students will benefit from these strategies." 

-Laura Rudeen, School Counselor

Hear What Educators are Saying




"This world-changer nailed it! Amazing keynote! Lyndsay is a dynamic, energetic speaker with an incredibly relevant message for today." 

-Tracy Ulrich, IECC Conference Coordinator

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Featured in TES Magazine


"Not only did I learn a ton of new activities/strategies to use with my students, but I can also use these tools with my own children and myself! I truly felt like a new person when finished with this training!" 

-Shayne Rennie, Teacher

"Our major and minor behavior referrals have been cut in half since attending the training in August." 

-Bridget Schroedel, Assistant Principal

Stacie Clasen

"Thank you Generation Wellness for the BEST hands-on continuing ed course!" 

-Tara Curtis, Occupational Therapist


Featured in SMU Stories

At one point during her time as a school counselor at Mt. Baker Middle School in Auburn, Lyndsay Morris M.Ed. ’08 was trying to work with a number of students in an anger management group—but she wasn’t having much luck connecting with them. “I tried to talk to them and it didn’t go well,” Morris recalls. “They were like, ‘Who are you? Why would I talk to you?’”

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"I'm so excited to introduce these practices to our staff, so we can support each other, our students and their families. This training gave us the tools to make this a reality!" 

-JoAnne Duncan, Assistant Principal

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"The strategies are very intentional, yet easy to do with little or no cost. Engaging presentation that provides tools to implement tomorrow!" 

-Kristi Docken, Director of Special Services

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