We're on a mission to equip all students and staff with the tools to thrive.

We believe in holistic education.

Thriving schools start with well-being. Our trainings and tools empower educators to build strong hearts, minds, and bodies.

This is a movement.

We live by the belief that anything is possible with enough determination. Our mission is for every school in America to “educate the whole child”, teaching the necessary skills to thrive both in school AND in life by 2023.

After all, when we change a classroom, we change a community and when we change many communities, we change the world. 

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We are here to make a difference.

 Along with the belief that everything is possible, we also believe that everyone matters. That is why a portion of our apparel profits are gifted to underserved schools and communities. This allows us to bring our trainings everywhere.

We stay connected.

We aim for sustainable change, not just inspiration. All Generation Wellness courses and trainings 
include access to a community of educators from around the world and free monthly Q+A sessions.


We don’t do things halfway.

We go all out on everything we do... and then some. We’re obsessed with excellence and we aim to go above and beyond for our #wellnesswarriors.


It's about the end goal.

Let's take a step back and reflect on the this question, "What do we want for our children?" 

Is it straight A’s? Passing the state test? Most would answer something along the lines of happiness, health and the ability to navigate through life's ups and downs. We want our children to thrive socially, emotionally, physically and mentally.

We believe in teaching the skills to make this a reality. 

Our trainings + keynotes are different.

Imagine music, mindfulness, movement, and fun mixed with learning, reflecting and connecting. We promise you this: you will leave feeling rejuvenated and equipped with many tools to implement immediately.



We believe in you + your dreams.

We’ve been in your shoes. We understand the daily grind; responding to crises, classroom disruptions, not enough time in the day to accomplish everything. More than likely, you’re just plain exhausted!

We are here to make your job easier. We teach educators innovative, research-based teaching strategies that captivate the attention of students, while creating a peaceful environment, leading to more engagement and learning.

We make wellness cool.

Check out our attire that inspires health, happiness and whole child education.



Innovation is intentional.

We are different and we like it that way. We don't believe in "status quo" or "we do it like this because that's the way it's always been done". Innovation is our middle name. We are fresh, fierce, and stand for something bigger than us. We march to the beat of our own drum, as we create change. 

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Join Over 10,000 Educators Across 4 Different Countries Who Are Educating The Whole Child With These Practices

Recent trainings + events below.

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Dallas, TX

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Wenatchee School District

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Pasco School District

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IECC Keynote

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Macau, China

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North Mason School District

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Tumwater School District

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Dubai, UAE

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Ellensburg School District

Meet Our Team Of World-Changers

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Lyndsay Morris, M.ED, RYT-200 inspires students and staff to live a life of less stress and more success through live trainings, online courses, and the Generation Wellness App. She’s helped thousands of classrooms and companies implement simple brain-based practices that increase well-being, connection, and happiness.

Lyndsay founded Generation Wellness in 2014, after almost a decade serving in public education as both a teacher and school counselor. While immersed in the education system, she noticed how stress/trauma was dramatically impacting the performance and well-being of students and staff. Generation Wellness was created to shift from focusing primarily on cognitive development and academics, to a whole-human approach of strengthening hearts, minds, and bodies. The goal is for every student and educator to have access to the tools to thrive in both school and in life.

Her signature approach comes down to simplifying complicated research into easy to understand engaging presentations, mixed with interactive activities and resources. She masterfully combines the research and theory with “the feel good”, gifting participants a variety of simple practices and implementation plans.

Lyndsay's education background includes a Master of Education in Guidance and School Counseling, combined with numerous certifications in teaching and mindfulness. She is an award-winning educator, recipient of the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award in 2011 for her innovative, active, and relational ways of teaching life skills and counseling children and teens.

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Generation Wellness Online Coaches + Trainers

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John Graf is a trainer and online coach for Generation Wellness. John is an inspired educator filled with positivity and enthusiasm. John believes in the power of building enduring relationships and uses the strength of connection to positively change the world for humans.

John has been named "Teacher of the Year", "Distinguished Principal", "Coach of the Year", and received the prestigious AT&T "National Sportsmanship Award". His educational experience spans K - 12 and higher education with degrees in elementary ed, curriculum and instruction, building leadership, and district leadership.

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Rjay Barsh is an online coach for Generation Wellness and the Head Basketball Coach at Southeastern University. Coach Barsh has led his team to the Final Four and consistently ranks in the top 10 NAIA teams in the country, due to his focus on mindset and relationships.

His cutting-edge coaching methods and mindset practices have transcended the basketball court and created opportunities to speak in corporations and camps across the world. Every summer, Coach Barsh facilitates the Coach Barsh Academy, helping
5,000 young athletes stretching from Bethel, Alaska to Rome, Italy.

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Robyn Hansen is the facilitator of the Generation Wellness Facebook Group. She is a recent graduate of SMU and the focus of her research has been on the effects of using mindfulness and meditation to promote well being, improve social and emotional skills, and to combat stress and anxiety in school aged children.

Robyn is currently employed as a special education para educator at the elementary level. It’s her belief that when we teach the “whole child” not simply an academic, we create humans who are compassionate, focused, curious and empathetic toward themselves and others.

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