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[STAFF SPOTLIGHT] Teaching Mindfulness with Mallory Neuman mindfulness secondary self-regulation spotlight staff

Wellness Warrior Spotlight

Name: Mallory Neuman
Occupation: High School Counselor

What skills have you focused on teaching this year?
Self-regulation and stress relief through guided relaxations and breathing exercises.

Working in a high school is busy and it seems there's a never ending to do list...

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[STAFF SPOTLIGHT] How to Infuse Self-Regulation into Every Classroom with Sabrina Castro regulation stations self-regulation spotlight staff

Does this quote strike a nerve? 

"Dysregulated students will not learn." - Bruce Perry, Author + Researcher

It's true. It's neuroscience. And, over the past decade, we've learned a considerable amount about how stress and trauma affects the brain and body. Now the question becomes what are we...

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