[STAFF SPOTLIGHT] How to Infuse Self-Regulation into Every Classroom with Sabrina Castro


Does this quote strike a nerve? 

"Dysregulated students will not learn." - Bruce Perry, Author + Researcher

It's true. It's neuroscience. And, over the past decade, we've learned a considerable amount about how stress and trauma affects the brain and body. Now the question becomes what are we going to do about it and how will our school systems change in order to match what the research is telling us.

How many students are walking into school dysregulated? Many.

So, you believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn and practice activities that help de-stress, but how in the world does this become a reality? How does self-regulation become a standard practice each day throughout the entire school?

Well, you are about to get some answers and inspiration. Take a listen to this 15 minute interview with Sabrina Castro, a Social Skills Teacher in Toppenish, who led her district in implementing self-regulation activities and interventions that allow students to practice healthy ways of releasing their anger and stress each day.

In this episode of the Generation Wellness Spotlight, you will: 

-          Learn how to set up and implement self-regulation space school-wide.

-          Learn “when” to practice self-regulation and connection with your students.

-          Be inspired by the stories of children practicing self-regulation, even at home.

-          Learn about possible challenges and how to go about teaching students how to use the regulation stations effectively.

-          Learn about highly effective strategies for helping students calm their chaos, stress, and anxiety. 

Press play to get started!

Interested in the complete guide to setup a Regulation Station with success? Learn more about the Regulation Station Kit here

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