[EXPERIMENT] Summer Self-Care Practice

Teaching is the third most stressful career in America. One out of every two educators will leave the profession within the first five years. These stats illustrate just how much stress is dramatically impacting educators. We are losing great teachers each year.

It seems that we can no longer turn away from creating a culture where staff well-being is the foundation. After all, it's vital to take care of ourselves, so that we can serve from our highest potential. Our stress effects how we show up for students, staff, and families.

Self-care is not limited to staying hydrating and getting eight hours of sleep. While those activities are very important, there are many ways to fill your cup and nourish all pieces of your being. Take a look at some simple practices: 

Personal: Honor your true self and do one thing you enjoy once/week.

Physical: Exercise for 20 minutes/day.

Financial: Splurge or save (depending on the day).

Social: Reach out for support and connect with another person or group at least once/week.

Emotional: Acknowledge one thing you're proud of or one of your strengths.

Media: Turn off the news and only check social media/email twice a day.

Work: Say no to a committee or commitment.

Space: Organize and de-cluttered a space.

Rest: Power nap for 20-30 minutes.

The invitation is to choose one self-care habit above and practice it for the next 28 days. Enjoy recharging on your summer break, so you can give from your overflow this fall. You deserve it!



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