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[EXPERIMENT] Stillness

Stillness is the absence of movement or sound.

Can you remember a time when you stayed still for a moment, tuning into the present moment, aside from trying to go to sleep? How did it feel? Was your mind and body relaxed? Or was your mind buzzing with to dos, planning details, or ruminating over what happened throughout the day?

The idea of surrendering to stillness is counter-cultural to our fast paced, always on the go society. Multi-tasking is often the norm and we may feel that every second of the day is scheduled with an activity that needs to get done. In the midst of such busyness, many of us secretly long for a simpler life. One that reflects a slower pace, where we are able to relax and enjoy some peace of mind. We may fantasize about getting away from it all or leaving our responsibilities behind. But rather than retreating to a cabin in the woods or catching the next plane to a beachside villa, the real solution is to learn how to maintain a sense of inner peace while...

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