An online toolkit making it easy to teach students (and staff) how to cope with stress, practice wellness and connect with others, leading to more focus, self-regulation and positive school culture.



This module provides the essential activities for a successful start to a class/group. You will access data collection tools, learn how to introduce mindfulness and self-regulation to students, cutting-edge discipline practices that teach skills and much more!



Learning and retention simply won't happen unless students are regulated. In this module, you will access deep breathing practices and movement activities designed to release stress, calm the nervous system, and prepare the brain for learning.



We know that connection is at the heart of learning and a primal basic need, but how do we teach it? In this module, you will access partner activities, group "missions" and the framework for implementing accountability buddies into your K-12 setting. All activities are designed to create positive culture, a sense of belonging and enhance relationship skills.



Just press play and practice stillness with these 2-10 minute audio relaxations that reinforce SEL skills. Provide time for reflection through an array of mindful practices designed to self-reflect, focus, relax and download learning.



This is a crucial step that is often left out of most curriculums. How to powerfully end a class/group is essential. In this module, you will access differentiated assessments and memorable closing activities, so that students and staff feel complete.


25 Sample Lesson Plans

Access 25 easily downloadable 30 minute lesson that provide a framework for teaching all K-12 activities.


Posters, Success Sheets + More Resources

Skip the prep work- we've done it for you! Here you will find instant downloads that make it easy to teach and practice wellness!


Parent Night PPT Presentation

Move from school-wide wellness to community wellness with a Parent Night PowerPoint already created for your school. Students can teach their parents through these tools. Enjoy a night of connection, learning, and fun!

"Wow! This is like the Netflix of social-emotional learning! All of the resources I need to teach peace in schools!"

-Renee Zenny, School Counselor

How Does This Work?

Your school will get immediate access to the following:

Activity Videos

Access 50+ activity videos that make teaching these practices simple. Push play to teach the class or watch as a quick refresher before introducing concepts to students.

Success Sheets

Accelerate student learning with Success Sheets that correlate with each module. You'll be equipped with Pre/Post Surveys, Icebreaker Prompts, Brain Basics, Happiness Habits, and more!

Audio Relaxations

Enjoy a peaceful beginning and/or ending to the class period/school day with 2-10 minute audio relaxations designed for the classroom setting. Notice how students and staff feel more focused and calm.

Monthly Q+A

Get your questions answered each month during the live Q&A session, where we'll expand upon the material within the toolkit, allowing you to put the concepts you’ve learned into practice.

Lesson Plans

Access twenty 30-minute sample classroom lesson plans. We do not believe in "one way" to teach these skills, but this provides an example, showing just how easy it is to implement daily. 


Reinforce self-regulation, focus, kindness, wellness, and various skills with these 10 digital downloads.

Parent Night Presentation

Move from school-wide wellness to community wellness with a Parent Night PowerPoint already created for your school. Students can teach their parents through these tools. Enjoy a night of connection, learning, and fun!


You’ll join an exclusive support group of educators who are committed to cultivating wellness, innovation, and connection in schools. Share resources, breakthroughs, and new ideas in this powerful community.

Real change starts today!

It takes 21 days to create a habit. This online toolkit provides simple, yet powerful daily social/emotional practices, designed to create wellness for all. Join over 4,000 educators who are using these tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An all-in-one social/emotional platform providing vital skills that teach students how to learn and thrive in school, creating more time for teaching/learning. This is not one more thing to do, rather it’s the foundation of learning. Stressed students and educators are not learning/teaching to their fullest potential. When students/staff feel connected and practice daily wellness habits, we see positive changes in all areas (attendance, academics, state testing, happiness).
  • A simple framework based on neuroscience, Maslow’s Needs, CASEL competencies and the latest research. Every lesson plan is tied to CASEL standards.
  • Freedom to choose which activities to teach based on your students/school needs. Sample lesson plans for the classroom, counseling groups, and attendance programs are also included to use as a roadmap.
  • Short videos you can play to teach your class/group OR refresh your memory before you teach the material.
  • Audio Relaxations you can play to allow for reflection and relaxation after a lesson or a day full of learning, allowing the information to download into the hippocampus, increasing retention of material.
  • Success Sheets (PDF) to accompany each module and accelerate learning by writing, drawing, and participating in experiments.
  • Bonus resources like posters, PowerPoints, example lesson plans, and more. 
  • Live Monthly Support to get your questions answered and implement practices immediately.

Absolutely! This toolkit was created by a former teacher and school counselor who knows just how busy you are! Simplicity is the foundation of this toolkit and you will be able to teach these tools with one click of a button.

As you go through the materials, you’ll be working side-by-side with the Generation Wellness community. This means there is built-in support from other educators and the Generation Wellness Support Team. Each month, will also include a live Q+A session with the community, allowing you to ask questions and integrate the material.

Even better, you get lifetime access to the toolkit (as long as you pay your yearly fee)—so you can always revisit the materials later!

After you sign up, you’ll unlock access to all training modules and tools.

When your school invests in the Generation Wellness Toolkit, your entire staff will receive access to monthly live consulting and mastermind support from other rockstar educators. You’ll receive direct feedback on all of your questions.

No worries. Your happiness and success is our goal and we take your satisfaction seriously. If you would like to cancel, you can do so at any time.  There are no refunds for the initial payment, however you can cancel at any time to stop upcoming yearly maintenance fees.

It's time to get back to doing what you love- teaching and connecting with kids! Say goodbye to staying up late searching for SEL lesson plans and wellness practices and hello to a complete all-in-one solution that's aligned with CASEL standards.

While each person and school is different, the practices we teach are applicable to every educator in the world. We’ve taught these practices to schools in Italy, Dubai, China, and thousands of educators in the US. If you put in the effort to complete the course and use the tools, you can expect real results.

ESDs, districts and schools.

"We went with Generation Wellness because it's all-in-one. Educators are busy and we knew we needed to focus on wellness and SEL, but didn't have the how-to's in place. Generation Wellness provides the solution to many challenges we face in schools today."

-Jacob Dunley, Principal

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