FREE KINDNESS LESSON PLAN: 30 minute lesson with three activity scripts and two Success Sheets.

Blueprint for Teaching Mindfulness to Students

After years of teaching mindfulness and positive psychology to students and educators, we've been inspired to help make teaching these valuable skills simpler for teachers, principals and counselors.

In the past, you may have attended trainings and experienced fantastic activities you'd like to teach, but didn't end up implementing them because creating cohesive lesson plans and supporting resources takes so much time. We all know that educators are busy!

Well, now you have the opportunity to teach essential life skills right away with an "all-in-one" platform filled with lesson plans, Success Sheets and audio relaxations. The Mindful Student Online Platform™ provides a simple blueprint of how to teach mindfulness right away. 

Sample one of our Kindness lessons full of activities, scripts, Success Sheets and more!

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No More Time Spent Planning

This lesson plan comes with scripts, activities and materials listed, so you can skip the planning and get straight to doing what you love.

Everything Organized In One Area

Our online platform provides lessons, Success Sheets and audio relaxations all in one place, making it easy for you to start. Sample one of the kindness lessons today!

Beta Tested by Principals, Teachers & Counselors

After hundreds of beta-tests on these lessons, we know what works! Download the Kindness Lesson Plan and begin providing engaging activities that have been proven to teach social/emotional skills.


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