Teaching with the Brain in Mind Online Course

Spark engagement and increase student achievement with 20+ brain-based practices for K-12 educators. 3 clock hours offered.

Isn’t it odd that the brain is the mechanism we use to learn, but it’s hardly taught about in school or at home? The brain is the control center for our actions and when we focus on the brain’s response to stress, rather than behaviors (symptoms), we create powerful change. 

When students understand how their brain functions under stress and the “why” behind their impulsivity, anger, frustration, and lack of focus, we empower them to make positive choices and master self-regulation. When students and staff learn how their brain learns best and employ daily brain-based activities, we spark engagement, foster resiliency, and cultivate well-being in schools.

Here's What's Covered in the Course:

Train the brain for self-regulation, focus, and connection with innovative brain-based practices and effective interventions that teach peace.

Brain Basics

Deepen your understanding of the human brain and three key areas of the brain that strongly influence behavior.


Deep breathing and movement activities designed to release stress, calm the nervous system, and prepare the brain for learning.


Group activities and demonstrations designed to create a culture where students and staff feel seen, heard, and valued.


Audio relaxations, mindful activities, and goal-setting techniques designed to promote self-reflection, focus, relaxation, and downloading learning.

Trauma-Informed Resources

Support students at all grade levels with essential resources, including trauma-informed practices and the Regulation Station Kit. 

Action Plan

Feel comfortable teaching students about their brains and leave with a plan to integrate brain-based strategies that improve student attendance, achievement, and well-being.

Course Preview


Individual + Group Options


- 3 clock hours offered

- Individual access to course for one year

- 5 video training sessions with Lyndsay Morris

- 20 activity videos of trauma-informed practices

- Downloadable Generation Wellness Participant Manual

- Downloadable Regulation Station Kit

- Includes quarterly online Q+A sessions to increase sustainability



Schools will receive up to 100 licenses, so that all school staff can access the online course. Your yearly membership includes everything in the individual membership. 


Meet Your Trainer - Lyndsay Morris, M.Ed

While serving in public education as both a teacher and school counselor, I noticed how stress/trauma was dramatically impacting the performance and well-being of students and staff. The Generation Wellness Online Course was created to shift from focusing primarily on cognitive development and academics, to a whole-human approach of strengthening hearts, minds, and bodies.

Over the last decade Generation Wellness has infused fun, experiential brain-based practices and connection activities into thousands of classrooms, companies, and communities around the world, resulting in more focus, connection, and productivity. The goal is for every student and educator to have access to the tools to thrive in both school and in life.  


Questions about trainings, the online course, or tools that teach peace? Drop us a line.


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