[EXPERIMENT] Close Out the School Year with this Reflection Practice

This school year was different than most. Never have we ended in-person learning in March due to a pandemic. More than likely, you’ve experienced a combination of frustration, joy, sadness, early mornings, late nights, confusion, resiliency, uncertainty, ups and downs...

There were lessons, there were pivotal moments and there was simply just never enough time. This school year will never happen again - your students are different now and so are you. Take some time to capture the lessons, so that you can create an even better school year to come.

Take a moment to reflect on your school year. Answer some or all of these questions over summer break:

  • What created the most joy this school year?
  • What was my greatest challenge?
  • What was my biggest lesson this year?
  • How did I show up effectively for my students?
  • How did I show up ineffectively for my students?
  • What is one thing I’m proud of?
  • What will I do more of next school year?
  • What will I do less of next school year?
  • What was my favorite moment from this school year?
  • What is my intention for next school year?

1. Reflection exposes the good and provides an opportunity to celebrate all that you’ve done right. Without reflection, it’s easy to forget these things, and focus instead on our challenges.

2. Reflection helps you learn from your mistakes. If we don’t reflect on our mistakes, we are doomed to repeat them.

3. Reflection sparks new ideas.



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