[RESOURCE] Let’s Talk About It Webinar


Like many, we've struggled to find the right words to support our students, families, and communities during this past week of heartache in the United States. We've heard from many educators who serve these young men and women. Here's what they've said:

  • "I pride myself on being a leader, yet I don't know what to do right now to lead."
  • "I'm a Caucasian educator and I don’t want to say the wrong thing."
  • "I'm an African American educator and I wish other people understood ____________."
  • "My husband is a police officer and I also believe that black lives matter."
  • My students are sharing their emotions and experiences on Zoom. How can I provide support?"
  • "I’m afraid of being shamed or criticized for my lack of knowledge and experiences."

Last week we hosted a 90 minute discussion for 500 educators (video clip above). The response was overwhelming and many of you expressed interest in another "Le't Talk About It" session.

You're invited to a safe space to talk about it. Rjay Barsh, Generation Wellness Trainer and 4 other panelists are leading a thoughtful discussion about race and the tough conversations. Here's what you can expect on the Thursday night Zoom call at 4pm PST:

Stories, explorations, spoken word, resources, song, and support. No pointing fingers, rather listening and examining practices and systems.

Sign up here: https://www.generationwellness.com/talk-about-it.

Space is limited to the first 500 registrants. We look forward to seeing you.



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