Generation Wellness Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts to Give Your Favorite Educator

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The holidays are here and you may be wondering what to give your favorite educator. We've got you covered with 11 of our favorite gifts:

1. Teach Peace T-Shirt
Give your favorite educator the gift of a new shirt with an inspiring message. This Teach Peace shirt is a great reminder of how important it is to teach social/emotional skills and mindfulness. Some schools encourage their entire staff to where these shirts on various days of the week to build positive school culture. This shirt is sure to bring a smile to their face!

Unisex T-Shirt Color: Dark Gray Fit: True to size Adult Sizes S-3X

2. You Make A Difference Post Cards (set of 50)
One of the best gifts is a meaningful letter of gratitude. Give the gift that keeps on giving with these 50 postcards. Write a letter of gratitude to your favorite educator and give them the remaining 49 postcards to pay it forward. Gratitude is the gold of life and this gift radiates appreciation and thoughtfulness.

3. Starbucks Gift Card
Ummm who doesn't love a little coffee, chai, or sweet treat? This was one of my favorite gifts from families when I was a teacher!

4. Compassion It Bracelet
These bracelets are created by my friend, Sara Schairer to promote compassion around the world. How it works: Wear the bracelet and when you do a compassionate act, you flip it over. Repeat. Simple, right? It's a great visual reminder to make compassion a verb. Your favorite educator will be flipping this bracelet over many times a day because we know how much love they give!

5. Choose Happy Hat
Spread happiness with this white and black trucker hat. This is the perfect gift for an educator with style!

6. Move Mindfully Poster Strips
Brain breaks are becoming a part of the daily routine in classrooms around the world. The Move Mindfully™ Posters, created by our friends at 1000 Petals, feature short movement sequences to help students transition from one topic to another. These strips are also great for Regulation Stations.

7. Zen Hen
Educators are always on the hunt for new books that teach powerful life skills. Zen Hen is a fabulous children's book about finding inner peace and practicing mindfulness even when the external world is a bit chaotic.


8. Chime
Imagine what our world would be like if all children learned two important skills: self-awareness and self-regulation. The chime helps teach both of these skills and makes for an excellent gift for your favorite educator.

9. Trauma Stewardship Book
Second-hand stress and vicarious trauma are real. Teaching is the third most stressful career in America and this book provides strategies for educators to care for themselves. Give the gift of self-care to your favorite educator!

11. Glitter Tube
This is one of our top-sellers because so many educators are now infusing mindfulness into schools and want a tactile tool that makes mindfulness simple to introduce. Also, educators are using the glitter tube in their Regulation Stations and Wellness Rooms as well. This gift is sure to create more calm in the classroom!


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